Clutch Adams issues an apology over racist tweets after his match was pulled from AEW Dark | Wrestling News

Clutch Adams, an independent wrestler, has broken his silence on a current situation that he finds himself in.

Adams was supposed to work a singles contest with Shawn Spears on Tuesday’s episode of AEW Dark. This would’ve marked his second appearance on the series that airs on AEW’s YouTube channel.

However, Cody Rhodes confirmed on Twitter that the match has been removed due to the discovered by fans that Adams had posted racist/homophobic years ago on his official Twitter account.

For more on this situation, click here. Adams took to Twitter to send out the following statement and apologize for his words. Here is an excerpt:

“I am sitting here at my computer staring and trying to come up with the words that best describe how devastated and horrible I am feeling right now. The best that I can come up with is that I am truly sorry. I am sorrier than I have ever been about anything in my life.

When I wrote those original tweets seven years ago, I was a 19-year-old kid. I was trash-talking friends about a football game on Twitter. At that point, in time, I was ignorant to the pain that those words could cause people. In 2013, it was meant to be locker room trash talk that I felt was OK to use in that context. Now, I know differently. I was not a hateful person back then, as I am not a hateful person today. I was stupid and ignorant. Plain and simple, no excuses.”


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